Thank you for your interest in scheduling a phone consultation with Dr. Becker. Below is important information that will help you decide if a phone consultation with her is appropriate for your pet’s medical situation.

  • You are responsible for making sure all information you want to discuss has arrived (via the fax number provided by your patient coordinator or mailed to the address provided) 1 week prior to the phone consult. Dr. B can’t guarantee she will be able to review any information provided less than a week before your scheduled appointment. Any information provided to us in between scheduled phone consults will be added to your pet’s file and reviewed during your next appointment.

  • If you want to discuss test results (including diagnosis, blood work, biopsy results, etc.), Dr. Becker must have copies of test results 1 week prior to the consultation. The doctor must have sufficient time to review your pet’s test results before your scheduled consultation. She is unable to review records the day of your scheduled phone consult, so be sure to have them faxed or mailed so they arrive 1 week before your phone consultation.

  • We highly recommend confirming with your local vet that these results have been sent, as well as confirm with Dr. Becker’s patient coordinator by email that they have been received.

  • Dr. Becker spends the same amount of time you have scheduled for a phone consult reviewing your pet’s medical records (15 minute medical record review for a 15 minute consultation).

  • If your consultation does not involve discussion about a previously diagnosed medical condition but you have specific questions you’d like to discuss during the consultation, feel free to fax your questions to Dr. Becker at least 48 hours before your consultation, for her review. Please include your name and scheduled consultation time on your fax.

  • If you need to cancel your phone consultation, please do so via email 24 hours in advance so that we have adequate time to book another client on our waiting list.

  • The phone consult fee is $5.00 per minute. The credit card you use to hold your appointment will be charged at the conclusion of the visit, unless you specify another means of payment when you book your appointment. We can retain your payment information or destroy it immediately after processing your payment, whichever you prefer. Charges will appear from Square as Nutrition by Design, Inc. on your credit card statement.

  • If you are ordering supplements, the cost of these items plus shipping and handling charges will be added to your consultation fee. You will receive a receipt with your order. If supplements are not being sent you will not receive a receipt, unless requested.

  • To continue a professional relationship with Dr. Becker you will need to schedule follow up phone consultations at least every 6 months. Many significant health issues require rechecks at your local vet and a follow-up phone consult at 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Dr. Becker will determine when a follow-up phone consult is needed, and if a consult isn’t completed by the suggested date, we will assume you have elected to no longer continue a working relationship.

  • We are unable to continue shipping you supplements if you have not completed your follow up phone consults as recommended by Dr. Becker. Remember, phone consultations book up quickly, so we recommend you book your follow-up appointments 6 months in advance to ensure continued, uninterrupted service.

  • At the end of a scheduled consultation, some clients find they have more questions and would like to continue their appointment past their original time slot. If there is time available, this is no problem. If another appointment has been scheduled at that time, you will need to set up an additional appointment. Your phone consult will end promptly at the appointed time. You are welcomed to choose as much time as you wish in 5 minute increments, the minimum time being 15 minutes.

  • Phone consultation was designed to provide clients with an integrative opinion about their pet’s health, nutrition and well-being. Phone consultation should NEVER take the place of actual physical examination of your pet by a licensed veterinarian, your primary care veterinarian. Dr. Becker will never be considered your primary care veterinarian. She only provides suggestions for non-life threatening, non-emergency medical issues.

  • You are responsible for calling the number provided 2-3 minutes prior to your scheduled consult. You aren’t charged for these minutes and your consultation time begins when the doctor comes on the line.

  • All consult requests, cancellations and questions are communicated via email with the patient coordinator. Dr. Becker practices lifestyle medicine, she does not offer emergency consulting appointments. Consults are booked on a first come, first serve basis and there is usually a substantial waiting list. Our schedule changes constantly, so often times we have last minute openings clients are able to take advantage of.

  • If your pet is having a medical emergency or appears to be not doing well, please see your closest ER clinic or contact your local veterinarian immediately. Dr. Becker can only offer suggestions for improving your pet’s overall lifestyle, she cannot prescribe for your pet and is in no way fulfilling the role of a primary care professional for your pet. It is your responsibility to continue a professional relationship with a hands-on, local veterinarian for routine and emergency medical care for your pet.

  • If you have tests or diagnostics completed in between phone consults feel free to fax us those results. Please note that new test results or questions about new issues that surface in between consults will be added to your file and discussed at your next consultation.

  • Completing a phone consultation with Dr. B means you have read this important background information and agree to comply with the instructions provided.

Consultation Readiness Checklist

Please confirm with our patient coordinator via email at least 1 week prior to your consult that:

  • All pertinent medical records, test results and blood work are in your pet's file at Dr. Becker's office.

  • You have completed the Holistic Consultation Background information sheet and faxed it to us.

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