A Proactive Veterinarian

Dr. Becker’s goal with every patient is to identify and remove lifestyle obstacles before disease occurs. Dr. Becker’s proactive approach takes into account genetics, nutrition, prior illness, environmental stressors and your pet’s unique disease patterns to help identify and reduce health risks and in turn, disease potential.

By monitoring your pet’s organ systems, immune status, musculoskeletal health, dynamic nutritional requirements and detoxification mechanisms, Proactive Veterinary MedicineTM can reduce overall disease potential and identify subtle changes in your pet’s overall wellbeing, sooner rather than later.

An Integrative Veterinarian

Dr. Becker believes there is no one ‘perfect’ way for the body to heal. The art of medicine lies in a practitioner’s ability to identify what form of treatment and support unlocks the body’s healing potential. Integrative veterinary medicine is a comprehensive approach to your pet’s health care, combining holistic and conventional diagnostics and therapies.The many different alternative modalities Dr. Becker uses include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Homeopathy

  • Chiropractic

  • Body Work/Massage

  • Hydrotherapy, Rehabilitation

  • Western Herbal Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Nutraceutical Therapy

  • Species Appropriate Nutritional Therapy

This comprehensive approach to managing your pet’s health focuses on finding whatever therapy or combination of therapies address and resolve the problem with the fewest side effects.

A Wellness Veterinarian

Wellness Veterinary MedicineTM is the intentional creation of health through wise lifestyle choices. By unlocking an animal’s potential for vibrant health, your pet will thrive, not just survive. Wellness veterinary medicine promotes a higher state of wellbeing, reduced disease potential, above average quality of life and above average longevity. A novel concept in veterinary medicine? Yes, but not to Dr. Becker. She strives to empower pet guardians to become knowledgeable wellness advocates for the animals in their lives. She believes it is the veterinarian's role to partner with pet owners to intentionally create wellness and abundant health through wise lifestyle choices.

  • Cancer

  • Organ Failure

  • Paralysis

  • Auto-Immune Diseases

  • Allergies

  • Degenerative Diseases

  • Infectious Diseases

  • End of Life Care

Her goal is to provide dynamic, cutting edge suggestions to these patients to not only slow down the disease process, but, in many cases, reverse it.

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